zipfx - Software & VFX Lab

Visual Effects

Visual effects, including mattes, color, roto and compositing with Dot & Effects and Radical Friend to create this crazy sci-fi
Skrillex & The Doors music video with cyborg sharks and aliens.


Compositing and conceptual design for film and television.

Live to Tape

Live to tape on set VFX supervision for the BET Awards 20.

On Set Visual Effects Supervision

Ensuring the required VFX shots are executed as needed, including green screen sets and motion tracking markers, managing schedule, expectations, and making informed decisions about the most effective techniques to employ to solve problems.

Geospatial Imaging

3D geographic visualization using accurate topographic data.


Conceptual design and background matte illustrations.


Character concepts for the Dungeons & Dragons YouTube and Twitch channel "Miscrits."


Conceptual design for film and television.